The thing about stories…

It’s hard to know when the first stories were actually “told.” And by “told,” we might mean drawn on the wall of a cave by firelight (those dinosaur adventures were crazy-town!)…or re-enacted in some ancient version of charades. The internet guesstimates that language is about 200,000 years old; we at EarBliss think stories were told long before language was perfected–our little theory. So! Very conservatively, storytelling goes back as far as we humans do (humans and language is described as appearing together–makes sense to us). Storytelling is very, VERY old. And very, VERY awesome. And the cool thing about stories is that they defy all lines of time and culture and demographics because all stories are about humans (unless you count the stories that are all about cats who are detectives, or un-dead vampires…and that STILL involves humans). And all humans have much in common. SO much in common, in fact (in spite of our radically customized uniqueness), that great stories always hook us. They are about themes that are hard-wired into all human beings: love/loss, fighting/surrendering, succeeding/failing, anger/peace, betrayal/forgiveness…and the list goes on almost forever. We at EarBliss love being moved by a powerful story; it’s a reminder we are all connected–which is why we are moved in the first place. We see ourselves in the story. We know, in some small way, what the character or narrator is going through. And that makes “the thing about stories” very fine indeed. 

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