Audiobook narration / production

We specialize in working with independently published authors and independent publishing houses to create for you an amazing, market-ready audiobook from English language print or eBook materials.

Access to the U.S. Marketplace

There can be steep "barriers-to-entry" for getting your audiobook into the American marketplace if you reside outside of the U.S. Happily, EarBliss can serve as your U.S. anchor and fling those doors wide.

Customized EARbliss

We love everything about the audiobook world, and can customize the perfect individualized coaching, group workshop or speech for your needs...ranging from help with voicing your own audiobook (remotely or in-studio with you) to presenting a highly entertaining keynote. Ask us anything!


We're rooting for you.

EarBliss is invested in your success. We love what we do, and know your book was born out of a love for what you do. Working with us means having an Audiobook Creation Partner, and we can be as involved as you like: from "very involved" and happily holding your hand every single step of the "sit back and let us do it all" involvement...where we'll let you know when your marvelous audiobook is done and ready for a listen. The process of deciding which degree of involvement suits you is as individual as you are; EarBliss is great at helping you get clear, and making your audiobook journey awesome.

You audiobook is an amazing investment.

Unless you're immersed in the audiobook world, you may not know that audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the global publishing world BY FAR. And not just recently...for the past several years running, with little sign of slowing. Buyers have changed the way they consume stories (though physical books will always be treasures!), and audiobooks are on the throne. Having your audiobook in the number one market on the planet is a gateway for more listeners, more dollars, more impact, more life-long fans. EarBliss wants that for you. And! We know a superior audiobook is a real investment. Talk with us about payment options.



Your book deserves a voice, and we can help you find it. Ask us anything.