More about Customized EarBliss

We've said it before--we love All Things Audiobook. And we're great speakers, coaches and teachers, which makes us a perfect fit for your any of your audiobook needs. EarBliss can design a coaching plan or event tailored to your (or your company's) goals. And because this is Customized EarBliss, if you don't see what you need--ask us. Chances are, we can create it for you!


One-on-One Coaching/Education

Coaching/Education for any aspect of the audiobook world or audiobook narration/production is available in either single hours or blocks of multiple hours (discounts offered for groups of hours). Contact us about your needs, and we're happy to suggest a tailored plan for you. A few possibilities:

+ setting up a home or office recording studio

+ learning the art of voicing your own audiobook/s

+ de-mystifying the ACX portal and upload process

+ education on the Audiobook World, and your many choices

Group Workshops

EarBliss is very pleased to lead customized workshops ranging from small (five students minimum) to large (500+). Workshops can include:

+ lecture/teaching component with powerpoint

+ live group demonstrations

+ break-out group exercises

+ written take-aways

+ one-on-one coaching

+ post-workshop follow-up

Examples of some of our clients: Author/Writer groups who want to know more about the audiobook world, High School and College Writing Programs who want to expose their young creatives to all possibilities, Actor/Voice-Over Artist groups who are looking to move into working as audiobook narrator/producers.


EarBliss believes the best keynotes are given by wonderful, powerful storytellers...and those are the types of humans that we have working with us. If an educational, inspirational keynote about any aspect of the Audiobook World would be a match for your event, please contact us and let us put together a proposal for you.

Coaching for Aspiring Narrators

All of EarBliss Narrator/Producers are amazing because they're constantly learning, coaching and improving--no matter how many audiobook awards they already have under their belts! We love to work with fellow audiobook narrators who are as passionate as we are. If you're new as an audiobook narrator (or aspiring to work in the field) and would like another champion in your corner, please contact us. Coaching is available in chunks of 60 minutes, or blocks of hours. We'd be honored to be a part of your audiobook career success.