More about being outside of the US

EarBliss thinks great books are universal, and ought to be globally accessible. So! If you're outside of the U.S., we can't wait to assist you.

Just like in the U.S., it all starts with the rights.

The first thing everyone needs to know is...who owns the rights to your book or ebook? And in what territories? If you have a publisher or agent, check that contract information. If it's still not clear, contact them (or your lawyer) to inquire further.

If you don't have a bank account in the U.S., or a U.S. Tax ID number...'re still very wecomed. EarBliss can serve as your U.S. anchor if needed, to allow your audiobook access to the Amazon-Audible-iTunes marketplace. Your investment with EarBliss is for Per Finished Hour (PFH) audiobook production, and you keep ALL royalties from the sale of your book (minus what the retailers keep, which they set as a standard amount "per sale"). If we are helping you create your audiobook through the ACX portal for sale on Amazon, Audible and iTunes, EarBliss will send you Royalties every month for the length of your ACX contract, which is currently seven years. If you prefer not to use the ACX portal and wish to use distribution channels other than Amazon, Audible and iTunes, a similar "We will be your anchor, and remit Royalties to you" contract is possible.

If you'd like to voice your own audiobook, and you live outside of the United States...

...we're happy to help. Many of our clients are remote, and we work with them via all tools that the electronic universe has to offer: Zoom, Skype, Facetime, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, email, fax, phone, etc. We can guide and coach you remotely, either in the set-up of your own home or office recording studio, or from the local recording studio of your choice.

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