A wildly unique holiday gift for them–or you!

When was the last time you got a customized outgoing voicemail recording as a holiday gift? EarBliss will create a fantastic, professional outgoing voicemail for your giftee’s business phone system…or a clever/humorous outgoing voicemail recording for their home or cellular personal phones! They write the script, or EarBliss will assist…and THEY choose the accent/dialect/character voice!

Hub Supporter Business Pricing!

EarBliss pricing for IVR/On-Hold Messaging for Business is dependent on the number of “prompts” in the business’ phone tree system (i.e. “Press 1 for Customer Service,” and “Dial Extension 16 for Sam Smith” are two prompts). Regular pricing is a base fee of $750 for up to 15 prompts (with additional prompts being $50 each). HUB SUPPORTER HOLIDAY PRICING for business voicemail is a fixed rate of $557 for up to one full hour of recording of prompts, no minimum/maximum and no additional fees! Your recipient receives their own sparkly Gift Certificate, help with their “script” if needed, and choice of accent/dialect/character!


Hub Supporter Personal Pricing!

EarBliss personal outgoing voicemails are done in bundles. Regular pricing is $250 per voicemail, with a minimum of three ($750 total), with additional voicemails available at $175 each. The personal voicemails can be for ANY THREE HUMANS (members of the same family, or a single family member and two friends, or for three business colleagues, etc.). HUB SUPPORTER HOLIDAY PRICING for personal bundled voicemail recordings is $557 for up to FOUR individual outgoing voicemail recordings! Additional HUB SUPPORTER recordings are available at the rate of  $125 each. Each recipient will get their own sparkly Gift Certificate, help with their “script” if needed, and choice of accent/dialect/character! Purchase a bundle from EarBliss, and AT LEAST FOUR of the humans on your holiday list are in for a unique treat!

More gifties! THANK YOU for supporting the HUB!


1 Hour Consulting

EarBliss price: $150.00/hour. Your HUB Supporter Holiday price: $97!

We’ll prepare a stunning Gift Certificate (either hard copy or email version) for your giftee, with detailed instructions on how to set up a full hour with EarBliss to talk/coach/train on whatever they wish: audiobooks, voiceover careers, home studio set-up–they get to name it! And, we’ll email them notes/take-aways from the chat. Sessions are done via phone or video conferencing, so your giftee can be anywhere on the planet. Great for authors, students, and aspiring entertainers in all fields.


30 Minute Consulting

EarBliss price: $75.00/half-hour. Your HUB Supporter Holiday price: $47!

Same lovely Gift Certificate options as with the 1 Hour option…this choice gives your giftee thirty minutes with us via phone or video conferencing (Zoom, Skype, Facetime, GotoMeeting, etc.), with the same yummy take-away/follow-up email afterwards.



EarBliss price: $1,200 for a three hour workshop. Your HUB Supporter Holiday price: $597!

For four humans or more, EarBliss will customize a workshop on any aspect of the audiobook universe. The workshop can consist of anything from three hours of lecture with Q & A to three hours of one-on-one and group coaching–and everything in between. This service is offered globally via video conferencing (with all participants seeing/hearing one another and the instructor)…and “live and in person” in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties subject to instructors’ availability. Workshops also available outside of these three areas–ask us!

“I love it! Now what?”

Click the button to the right to get to our contact page. In your email, please include the code phrase “HubHoliday,” and let us know which gift you’re interested in. (And if you have questions before you choose, please ask away, or call us.) A bonus: EarBliss Gift Certificates NEVER expire! We’ll get back to you promptly for recipient information, and to provide payment details; EarBliss accepts payment via PayPal, credit card, check and money order. (**HOLIDAY HUB prices good on purchases made through 11:59p.m. PST on December 31, 2017!**) Thank you for letting EarBliss make your holidays brighter!