About Us


Our Story

EarBliss™ was founded by an Audiobook Goddess with literally thousands of hours as a storyteller under her belt (read more below). While living/working in Los Angeles, California as a voice-over, film and television actor...she discovered the world of audiobook production, and was immediately hooked. This company was born out of her huge love for authors and story...and her powerful witnessing of the ability of great stories to uplift, entertain, heal and educate.

Our Secret Sauce(s)

Albert Einstein hit a bulls-eye when he said, "Genius is taking something complicated and making it simple." (There's a roaring debate over whether that quote is attributable to him or not--and, we love it regardless.) What's unique about us at EarBliss™ is our singular focus on making the very complex and technical world of audiobook production very, very, verrrry simple for you. (We did mention simple, right?)

We've also simplified United States access for authors and publishers outside of the U.S., because we believe that everyone with an amazing book should be allowed to play in the "Big Sandbox," which is the American English Audiobook Marketplace...and the triple-winner combo of Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Our unusual network of narrator/producers is another part of our special sauce. Not all audiobook narrator/producers are created equal, and we've crafted our network from a highly-vetted, extremely experienced group...all of whom are master storytellers and technical production wizards. We love them, and we know you will, too.

Meet the Team

Get to know us! (We can't wait to get to know you, and your stories.)


Karen-Eileen Gordon

Founder & CEO

A seasoned audiobook Narrator/Producer, Karen-Eileen Gordon is a Harvard grad with more than 15 years experience in the entertainment field and a passion for gorgeous storytelling (television fans may recognize her from roles with Larry David on HBO's CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan on STARZ MAGIC CITY). She loves all aspects of audiobook production: storytelling (art), editing/mastering (science) and getting amazing stories into more ears (commerce). She firmly believes that books and audiobooks are an essential part of life on this planet.


Our Narrator/ Producers

Our Network: Planet Earth

Each of our Narrators/Producers is extremely skilled (and very in-demand) in the dual arenas of the "art and science" of audiobook production. They are all graduates of the ACX Masterclass--an AUDIBLE approved curriculum--and are superior storytellers. They share the same passion for stories, authors and publishers as our founder. Your words are in exceptional hands with all of them.


Joel Ivers


Successful Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist

EarBliss is very pleased to have Joel Ivers as our company Advisor. Joel is an experienced business executive who has been COO/CEO of five different companies in the biomedical and IT markets, beginning his career at Johnson and Johnson. Joel has over 30 years of experience in strategic marketing, licensing, business development, operations, and senior management in both large corporations and start-up companies. Joel has also managed two seed-stage $10M- $13M Venture Capital funds. Since retiring in 2014, Joel has been a volunteer mentor for start-companies in South Florida.  Additionally, because of his deep interest and participation in politics during his lifetime, he has been a volunteer Facilitator for the Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILIR) in Boca Raton and currently facilitates the Current Events course. Joel holds a B.S. in Chemistry from The University of Redlands (Redlands, CA) and a M.A. in Genetics and Molecular Biology from Indiana University (Bloomington, IN).  He also did graduate level work in business at Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH).

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