Audiobook narration / production

We're "One-Stop" audiobook creation shopping. EarBliss will take your published book in any format (hardcopy, paperback, eBook or a stack of pages...) and walk you through every step, as we create a superior, market-ready audiobook version that exceeds your expectations. If desired, we expertly assist in placing your audiobook for sale in the largest audiobook arena on the planet: the U.S. Amazon-Audible-iTunes marketplace.

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Live outside the U.S.? No problem!

EarBliss Audiobooks can happily help any author or independent publisher who lives outside of the U.S. gain access to--and get their audiobooks produced/for sale in--the U.S. audiobook marketplace. This offering is currently reserved for books published in the English langauge; additional languages offered in near future.

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Custom training

We're passionate about all things Audiobook and powerful storytelling, and we happen to be awesome teachers. Do you have an in-house production studio with a team that wants to bump their skills to the next level? Are you an author who 's on-fire to voice your own audiobook? Does your corporate event need a supremely interesting "audiobook-centric" keynote or workshop? Are you a teacher wanting to bring audiobook production adventures to your students? We'd be honored to help.

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Since 1993

Our Mission

EarBliss is in love with the Power of Story.

We believe storytelling to be Universal and timeless, and find that the benefit of getting good books to wider audiences is enormous--life-changing, even.

Our Mission: creating glorious audiobooks for authors and publishers, simultaneously making the process enjoyable and satisfying...and getting their words into many more happy ears.

EarBliss' vibe is "Global Company/Boutique Culture." Each author and publisher we are fortunate to work with is treated like a V.I.P. (because, well, they are). We pride ourselves on being radically accessible.  "All questions always welcomed" is one of our many merry mottos, and we can't wait to partner with you.


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Fill us in about you, your book, your idea. Brainstorm with us about that workshop you crave. Dream-out-loud with us regarding flying to your hometown, and directing you in-studio (while you record your own audiobook). We say this a lot because it's true: we'd love to partner with you. Click here start a fabulous conversation with us.